I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the below thirty degree weather. The massive heaps of snow that line the streets and sidewalks are such an annoyance whether you're parking or just taking a leisurely walk downtown. Not only do your shoes get covered in salt and create frosting like battle scars that you obtained from walking through the tundra, but your sense of fashion is limited to sweatpants, boots, and sweatshirts. Most people aren't thrilled about having to go out to the mall to pick out fashionable winter clothes when the walk from your car the main entrance is almost as bad as getting a snowball thrown into your face. The solution to this chilly problem is taking your fashionable fall clothing, and transforming it into a warmer option. 

As I woke up one chilly morning before school, I stood in front of my closet for what seemed like a good hour, trying to find something that wasn't the typical sweater and leggings ensemble that I normally wore on chilly days. As I rummaged through my blouses, then jeans, and onto dresses, I saw my cotton, 3/4 sleeve floral print dress from Forever 21. I hadn't worn it in a while, merely because of its short length and the horrendous weather that I was experiencing. I decided that I could pair it with an army green fall-weather jacket and leggings in order to warm it up. I decided that pairing any sort of dress or tunic topic with a fall statement jacket was the perfect thing to wear in order to add warmth to spring staples. 

Now, finding the perfect dress and fall jacket isn't the easiest thing to do when all you see in stores are snowmen-like puffer jackets and double fleeced lined sweats. As I was searching various online stores after being shopping-deprived because of a sick week, I found some wonderful stores to buy such staple pieces from. Since leather is in, I figured that a leather jacket would be the perfect type of jacket to keep it stylish and warm. I found two super trendy ones, one on the higher price end, and one on the lower. The first, was a leather lattice jacket from asos.com (Leather Lattice Jacket, $370.38). It had a fun print that you could easily pair with a basic colored tunic, like one I found fromfreepeople.com (Pop Stitch Swing Tunic, $98). By pairing a more detailed jacket with a simpler tunic, it leaves the effect of effortless edgy. For a less expensive option, I found a gorgeous white leather jacket from forever21.com (Street-Chic Moto Jacket, $15). When buying any sort of white clothing piece, the trick to spice it up is buying a printed floral dress to go underneath, like the one I also found from forever21.com (Wild Rose Fit & Flare Dress in Black, $12.80)

When trying to convert spring fashion into a winter appropriate ensemble, the key is to choose one main piece of clothing, like a dress, and start adding layers that aren't too bulky. Once you've accomplished that, you then have the perfect spring looking winter outfit.


Xoxo, Amanda