In less than a month, designers everywhere will grace the streets of New York to launch their Spring/Summer '15 lines.  From September 10th-17th, there are keynote designers in which some may be incredibly popular and others fly under the radar.  But regardless, keep your ears and eyes open for these creative geniuses. 


Desigual has become more popular over this past year.  With flagship stores popping up in New York City, as well as being carried in stores around the United States and other parts of the world, their a brand that is hard to miss.  But even though you may not know who Desigual is quite yet, in a crowd for of couture pieces, Desigual is the one standing proud with colorful prints and eccentric graffiti art.


As a designer who I hadn't yet heard of -- until I started doing research for this post -- I was delighed to see Cohen's bridal wear pieces.  It is so common now-a-days that runway designers create haute couture pieces to either be on display or worn by public figures.  So, when I had heard of Cohen's bridal/evening wear lines, I was happy to see that these pieces could be worn by people just like you and me (who have a couple thousand dollars to spare for a beautiful and abstract wedding gown when the time comes).


Specializing in bandaged, wrapped, and bodycon-style dresses, Herve Leger by Max Azria is giving off the sexy yet chic vibe with his pieces.  Since most people only know of Max Azria from his BCBG brand, Herve Leger is one to look forward to if you're one to hit the town for a Girls Night Out!


Everyone knows Rachel Zoe from her popular quote "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak". But no one knows this concept better than the stunning, and ever put-together Rachel Zoe herself.  With to-die-for pieces that enhance every fashionista's inner IT girl style, you'll be saying #fab without even moving your mouth.  If I could pick only one designers clothing to wear for the rest of my life, Rachel Zoe would be tied for the win.


Libertine is yet another line that I was unfamiliar with until I did more research about NYFW SS '15.  And after I had Googled and Pinterest'd, I fell in love.  Again, with whimsical and wild prints, Libertine ignites our inner colorful diva.  The best part about Libertine is its eco-friendly way of designing clothing.  Quirky and Earth happy clothing, you can't get a better combination than that!


Posh? Yes. Chic? Absolutely. Alice + Olivia is everything Blair Waldorf-esque. I was somewhat familiar with this line as I had seen ready-to-wear pieces in higher end department stores such as Nordstroms.  But I immediately fell in love with their couture pieces that make me feel like I'm a New York City elite, just by looking at their photographs.


Minimalist mod is the basis of Wylde's designs.  Using shades and colors such as black, white, and grey in the majority of the designs, Wylde crafts each piece in a way that makes you want to head out in the city, and have peoples heads turn.  This designer caught my eye with the monochromatic looks -- a trend that is very much in right now.


Calvin Klein has now become somewhat of a common household name -- mostly recognized for his underwear and athletic-wear lines that have recently become more popular because of celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. But besides the intimate's factor of Calvin Klein, each runway piece is created with pure effortless and minimalist aesthetic, becoming one of my overall favorites at New York Fashion Week.

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