College with a Budget | What I Ate This Week: Vegan

As some of you may, or may not know, I eat mostly a vegan diet.  Besides the occasional egg for breakfast, or desserts that call for butter and eggs... I eat vegan.  I know a lot of you may be thinking that:

a) eating vegan is "EXPENSIVE"

b) eating vegan is "HARD TO DO" when you're in college

I would like to be the first to say that both of those statements are wrong!  When you start eating meals without meat, you will be amazed with how much money you save.  Chicken costs about $5 a pound, whereas beans and dry lentils cost about $2 for over 14 servings.  Thats an incredible amount of savings, achievable just by cutting out meat.  But besides the fact that it is more reasonable, eating vegan meals can be easy to do if you have the right ingredients and a creative mind!  Here are some of the meals that I have made this past week in college!


Quick, easy, + nutritious breakfasts are my favorite things to make.  Especially when you're in college and running late, these meals are easy!

All I did was toast a piece of Whole Grain bread, slice avocado on top, sprinkle some seasoning, and -- if I'm in the mood -- scramble an egg to put on top.  In order to get some fruit in my breakfast which have antioxidants in it, I have a side of fresh fruit.  Whether its a banana, apple, or berries, you really can't go wrong!

Tip #1:

To make cutting your avocado less painless, slice 1 large avocado in half, and take a knife and slide the avocado (in the skin) into cubes.  Then, squeeze the avocado onto your bread!  It will fall in perfect slices on your toast!


For my dinner meals, I like making foods that are easy to cook, but don't taste like it only took me a half-hour to prepare!  Vegan-college-meal-essentials for me include:

1) Vegetables: both fresh + frozen

2) Veggie burgers: bean based, not soy

3) Tofu

4) Rice + Quinoa 

5) Hummus

6) Fresh fruit

7) Beans

8) Sauces

My favorite meals to make are vegan stir-frys with curry sauce, veggie burgers and homemade potatoes, + brussel sprouts!  As much as some of you may be afraid to try brussel sprouts, let me be the first to tell you that they are delish!  Broaden your food horizons and try them out for yourself!

Tip #2:

To make brussel sprouts taste AMAZING, heat up a pan with either butter or coconut oil, add brussel sprouts, add seasoning (my fave is Fox Point from Penzey Spices), + saute right in the pan until all sides are a nice golden brown!  Doing it this way makes them taste incredible!

Tip #3

To make brussel sprouts for on-the-go, take a microwave safe bowl, add about an inch of water, add brussel sprouts, put in microwave for 2-4 minutes, take out, add seasoning, + bam! You're done!