A new year equals an abundance of resolutions that mostly revolve around losing weight by going to the gym more frequently, as well as, eating healthier.  And while we all wish that the results of our new and healthy lifestyle would be instant, that unfortunately never happens.  But with the holidays comes the "need" for a new wardrobe, and what better way to fake instant workout results than by purchasing trendy clothing that instantly flatters your body?

the INSTANT tummy flattener : trend no. 1

It's a well known fact that I am obsessed with slip dresses.  I have been since my 2014 declaration of all things Free People.  Finally -- after being brought to life via street style -- this trend has hit the runway, Pre-Fall 2016.  Givenchy showed this trend during S/S 2016 and these lacy, flowy and delicate pieces have been seen in every store you could imagine. 

Slip dresses are a key piece for giving an illusion of a flatter stomach.  Since most slip dresses aren't clingy or made out of spandex but rather silk or rayon, they naturally lay off your body and away from any stomach imperfections that you may have. They're a great piece for layering or wearing alone with a jacket.  Not-to-mention, they are incredibly versatile and will become your go-to timeless piece.  Naturally, my favorites are from Free People: the quality is amazing and totally worth the money.

My favorite slip dresses...


For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with loving my legs.  Still to this day, I find it hard to embrace them and typically shy away from pants that are too snug.  But after doing a bit of after Christmas shopping, I finally found a pair of tighter pants that not only flatter my legs, but are almost as comfortable as leggings, but a lot more trendy.

Acne Studios recently showed in their Pre-Fall 2016 collection the fitted bell-bottom pant.  This trend has also been shown on many street style blogs such as, The Man Repeller and Michaela Christine.  Since both of these bloggers are thin, I was nervous to try this trend -- would it look good on me?  Would it flatter my body?  But after going to Zara and trying on a pair for myself, I was pleasantly surprised.  Since the pants do flare out a bit on the bottom, it gives the allusion of thinner legs.  Since most people's legs become thinner at the ankles, tight all-over pants accent heavier thighs.  But with bell bottom pants, it allows your thighs to appear skinnier since the bell-bottoms make you ankles appear wider.

My favorite place to purchase this type of pant would be Zara.  They're a little bit on the pricey side depending if you purchase them during sale season or not, but totally worth it for the quality.

My favorite fitted bell-bottom pants...


Whether you'd like to admit it or not, that little bit of jiggle underneath your arms is one of the hardest spots to tone -- we just can't compete with men and their ability to gain some major guns like it's no ones business.  But during the Pre-Fall shows this year, Stella McCartney's line incorporated the use of flowy sleeves.  This style is perfect for the fashionista who wants to cover up her arms.

Though I had never been a fan of wearing long flowy sleeves for the mere reason of practicality, Stella's collection was full of short flowy sleeves versus long flowy sleeves.  But since the main problem area for most women is around their triceps, Stella used a 3/4 short sleeve instead of the shorter cap sleeve.  This top can be paired with any of your favorite types of pants, even the Instant Thigh Slimmer pairs that are shown above.  Regardless of how you tend to wear this piece, it's very versatile in it's ability to be dressed both up and/or down.

My favorite 3/4 length flowy tops...

Which piece is your favorite and which one will you be wearing most this season?  Let me know in the comments below!