If you're someone who normally shops at fast fashion retailers, I completely understand how challenged you are when switching from your basic mall stores such as Forever 21 to fair-trade stores.  It's hard to find stores that are large enough to be in your area yet still are fair-trade. 

After writing several posts about why I strongly dislike fast-fashion retailers, I thought that it was about time that I share with you all my favorite retailers -- both online and in-store.


On ASOS's -- the online shopping hub -- website, there is a separate shopping section labeled the 'Eco Edit.'  This edit features brands that have sustainable fashion and accessories from around the globe.

I also love ASOS because you can shop for basically any style, any piece or any fad from the comfort of your own home.  They're a HUGE online retailer that carries other brands that are also sustainable and fair-trade.

You can find the 'Eco Edit' here


H&M isn't 100% fair-trade or sustainable, but they do have a category online called their "Conscious - Sustainable Style."  All of the clothing in this entire section -- according to the "About H&M Conscious" page -- is good for the planet as well as the people making it.

I have always loved H&M, even before I became a fair-trade activist, but now especially I like H&M because they provide a line that doesn't harm the environment or humans.  Additionally, all of the pieces are very minimalistic and simple and will become staples in your wardrobe.

You can find the 'Conscious-Sustainable Style' collection here


Though very pricey, Reformation Clothing is a trendy company that provides chic and minimalistic clothing to online shoppers.  Since it's understandable that most people can't afford to buy a $200 sweater, I recommend purchasing pieces at Reformation that you know for a fact you will wear for a lifetime.

With that being said, Reformation is one of the only online companies that I have found who are incredibly open about their factories, how the clothing is made and who makes it.  You know a company is a good one when they are transparent with the way that they manufacture -- they even own their own factory in order to maintain human rights regulations.  So, even though the prices may be out of our reach for an everyday online shop, Reformation is a great place to purchase those timeless pieces you love.

You can find more information about Reformation here and here

Uh oh...

As you all may know, I was under the impression that the online boutique Missguided had lines of sustainable / fair-trade clothing.  After an attempt to get in contact with the company several times, no one from the company reached back out to answer my manufacturing questions.

With that being said, Missguided (sadly) is no long a company that I will be featuring on my blog.

Banana Republic:

Though this company may not be a favorite of anyone, you can typically find very trendy pieces at a decent price.  Not-to-mention, they always have really good sales year around.  Banana Republic is perfect if you're looking for mid-to-higher end minimalistic pieces.

You can find all of pieces online here as well as in store


Contrary to popular belief, Zara isn't as bad as everyone thinks.  With current runway and ready-to-wear fashions taking over the entire store, Zara is one of the only fast-fashion retailers that is ranked higher than most "slow-fashion" stores.  Additionally, the company itself was ranked very high for human rights.  So, if you're looking for a fast-fashion store with decently good prices, know that Zara is your best bet.

You can find all of the pieces online here as well as in store

Uh oh...


As we all know, I love Free People and Anthropologie.  But just today I found out they were just shy of the 50% rating of those companies who are the worst to buy from.  Thankfully, they're not under the 50% mark, but are very close.  With that being said, I will minimize the use of Free People and Anthropologie on my blog, but at the same time I only invest in Free People and Anthropologie pieces that I truly love, but I will definitely be cutting back.


Shopping and purchasing new clothes shouldn't be a task, but at the same time, it shouldn't destroy the humanity of others.  Hopefully this list gives you a good idea of some popular, fair-trade and sustainable stores to shop at! 

Do you have a favorite store that wasn't mentioned above that you want to know if it's fair-trade or not?  Leave me a comment down below or check it out on Good Guide!