Paris Haute Couture week typically brings in designs of elegance, prestige and sophistication -- and this year was no exception.  Our eyes were graced by Eco-inspired designs from Chanel, whimsical prints from Schiaparelli, floral adornments from Giambattista and ethereal gowns from Valentino. 

Haute Couture attempts to bring fashion enthusiasts together in order to escape real life and indulge their eyes on these beautifully created works of art.  This year, these enthusiasts gathered together at serene locations around Paris, sat quietly in rows and patiently awaited the moment where the bass-filled music would start and models would walk out being used as human-canvases displaying carefully sewn pieces of artwork.

Although all of the collections were unique and captivating in their own way, I was personally drawn to four that displayed the foreshadowing of Haute Couture trends to come.


Karl Lagerfeld stayed true to the Chanel roots by incorporating Coco's original textile of choice, tweed, into some of his Spring 2016 designs.  Though Lagerfeld stuck with the Chanel House origins, he was quick to embrace the newest environmental trend and incorporate part of the earth into his garments.  This spring collection had bits of wood in its designs, which can be seen on the collars, weaved into the seams and adorned on the overall garment for added texture.  In addition to the added lux-of-the-earth in his pieces, Lagerfeld also included recycled fabrics which made the collection 10x more desirable for those of us who look towards fashion as something more than just art and masterpieces -- sustainability and environmental friendly.


Looking at Schiaparelli's collection takes one into an imaginative world full of tea parties and culinary delectables.  Pastel gowns flourished the runway while eyes were transfixed on these fanciful works of art.  While designer Marco Zanini (ex-head director of Maison Schiaparelli) may have resurrected the Schiaparelli house, Bertrand Buyon -- the current Creative Director -- brought whimsical gourmet feasts to life on the pieces of fabric that made up the Spring 2016 collection.  Additionally, it is clear that the Schiaparelli House is trying to rekindle the empire waist dress that was most recently replaced with the shapeless shift.  This flattering silhouette is making a comeback in the tastiest way possible, via Schiaparelli's new collection.


Inspired by the ravishing flower gardens around Paris (Cimetière du Père Lachaise and Jardin des Plantes are two of my personal favorites), Giambattista's collection was used in hopes of uplifting the spirits of the Parisian hearts that had been crushed due to recent events in the city.  The collection features a mixture of mini dresses, long gowns and slender midi shift dresses.  Each piece is unique in its shape but similar in that they're adorned with some sort of garden-esque embroidery.  Though Maison Giambattista may not be a household couture name yet, the inspirational qualities exhibited in this collection will hopefully spark word-of-mouth to draw in a larger adoring crowd.


Medieval mixed with Grecian flairs, Creative Directors of Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, created a line that is as magical as it is breathtaking.  Models glided across the petal covered runway floor while the delicate pleating on the skirts swooshed in ethereal waves behind them. Each design in this collection incorporated shimmering embroidery with specks of velvet, a combination that is classic and beautiful.  Both Chiuri and Piccioli didn't miss a single detail when creating this line, and instead of the typical heel, the models wore metal constructed foot jewelry.  This type of footwear is something that you would only see on mythical goddess's such as Aphrodite and Athena, but Valentino took the Greek Mythology world and invited it into the reality for the Spring 2016 Couture collection.

Overall, these four collections were truly my favorites in regards to design and aesthetic.  Which collection was your favorite?  Why?  Let me know in the comments below.

** All images taken from Business of Fashion **