For some people, fashion week means dressing to the nines, pulling out every single piece of designer-something that they own and waiting outside the Moynihan Station, Milk Studios or Skylight Clarkson Square just to be able to get a glimpse of top fashion bloggers or editors, the occasional celebrity concealed by huge Celine sunnies or even a well known designer.  But for others, fashion week means contently tuning into the NYFW App in order to watch live streams of the shows.  Unlike Haute Couture Week (which was the major fashion event two weeks ago), Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week in New York City consists of designs and looks that can be easily recreated and worn by the everyday fashionista.  Some of my favorite shows thus far consisted of minimalistic designs that had beautiful pops of embroidery or interesting hemlines that added the perfect amount of pizzazz to the collections.


Milly's collection this season focused on statement coats.  Instead of taking the viewers attention away from them by including a stylish outfit underneath, designer Michelle Smith decided to put simple and neutral lingerie pieces underneath.  While the majority of us probably wouldn't wear expensive underwear beneath our coats for a day out on the town, it seems as though Smith purposely did this in order to let her viewers know that outerwear should be the statement of the ensemble versus the outfit underneath.

In addition to the eye-catching coats, Milly also included bold dresses and layering pieces that are chic and wearable.  By taking classic pieces such as the simple white-button down, peplum tank top and the in-trend turtleneck, Smith created dresses that show sophistication and high-fashion.  These looks can be easily recreated with pieces that most everyone has laying around in their wardrobes.


I typically turn towards designers I know of when I am picking my Fashion Week favorites, only because some are very near-and-dear to my heart and I consistently love their work.  But Novis caught my eye.  As a fashion house that I had never heard of, I did my research, and afterwards immediately fell in love with designer Jordana Warmflash and her collection.  This autumn line is inspired by the artistic work of the late Ellsworth Kelly, who passed just two months ago.  His minimalistic and colorful paintings, as well as, sculptures inspired this line.  You can see glimpses of his work through the patterned adornments on Novis's dresses.  And while many of us find it hard to wear bold shapes on our clothing, Warmflash introduced deep plums and stark whites into the palette of this collection.  Not only are these looks very wearable, but they also enhance the creative side of fashion.


I'm not normally a fan of Ralph Lauren seeing as though I never identified my personal style as that "classic riding look."  But this autumn, Ralph Lauren created a womenswear collection that is sophisticated and chic with a hint of the originally incorporated "prep" look.  The collection used suede, metallic and over-sized layering which created this bohemian-prep-glam sort of look, a collection that women who wear clothing of several different styles could easily wear.  I felt as though each piece could be worn as an everyday look or worn at night when going out -- Lauren created the ultimate versatile line.  While it's obvious that Lauren strayed from the roots of the brand, it allowed for the line to blossom and reach a larger audience of fashion lovers. 


Known for it's curve-hugging bandage dresses, this spring collection created by Max Azria slightly stepped away from it's signature look and instead incorporated many sharp hemlines, fringe and hardware embellished pieces.  Each ensemble was uniquely intricate and gave off medieval vibes through structured metallic adornments that resembled something close to a female version of a knight-in-shining-armour. While incorporating accessories such as chunky scarves, fur blazers and puffy bomber jackets, Azria was able to tone down the glam-factor of this look to make each piece wearable for the lady who loves going all-out for a day or night out with friends. 

Which collection was your favorite from Autumn Fashion Week 2016?  Let me know in the comments below!