Oh, April.  Yes, the time of year when the humidity rises from 10 percent to 90 percent and you're forced to break out your umbrella from the rain and thunderstorms that are right around the corner.  I know from personal experience, that dressing for the rainy and humid weather is quite the chore, but it doesn't have to be.  After rummaging through my vast wardrobe in order to find pieces that were comfortable and breathable, I was able to create a few pieces that will sustain your warmth yet won't make your body feel sticky in this April moisture.


I always used to think that bare legs were a fantastic idea when the weather is muggy.  But then I realized that when the weather does decide to storm, bare legs are a huge "NO" for a few reasons:

1) Walking through puddles causes little water droplets to adhere to your legs.  Nothing is worse than having wet legs when you're on your way to class or to work.

2)  Since winter has just subsided, chances are we have forgotten to shave our legs and let's be honest: we don't want to shave them anytime soon.

3) While sometimes the humidity refers to the temperatures being quite warm, April weather will sometimes experience gusts of cool wind.  When your legs are bare, you're more likely to get chilly. 

My go-to when the weather is indecisive is a comfortable pair of leggings.  Whether you choose for a pair that's content is primarily cotton, or if you choose a pair that is primarily spandex you can't go wrong.  They're comfortable, can be paired with practically anything (that covers your butt) and have just the right amount of breathability that you're not sweating or having your pants cling to your body.  My newest legging fave is the skirt legging.  Essentially, it's a pair of leggings with a pencil skirt attached.  They're perfect for those on-the-go days where you don't want to look presentable without having to worry about your skirt riding up.  Pair them with a fancier top and you're good to go.

If you're not a leggings gal, a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans might be for you.  Skinny jeans, on-the-other-hand are not the way to go.  Their denim material is created out of cotton that has been weft (weaved tightly) several times.  This causes the jeans to be significantly less breathable than leggings -- which have only been weft half as many times.  The boyfriend jean, though, usually fits looser and more comfortably than a skinny jean.  Plus, most pairs of boyfriend jeans have some sort of distressing to them which also helps cool down your body because of the holes.  



Left: Zara

Middle: ASOS

Right: Zara


Left: M.Rena

Middle: I Heart Ronson

Right: Xhiliration by Target


While some may be disgusted at the thought of wearing rain boots to any outing of significance, I beg to disagree.  Rain boots don't always have to be your typical hot pink Hunter boot, but instead, they can be disguised as a knee high, ankle or even Chelsea boot.  

The knee high rain boot is the perfect option for when the weather outside resembles the Niagara Falls.  Since they're tall, they prevent any sort of wetness from seeping into your clothing.  Additionally, paired with a long rain jacket, the look can become incredibly chic and practical for the rainy weather.


Coat: Shoptiques

Boots: Ralph Lauren

The ankle rain bootie will be your new best friend for those nights out where the weatherman calls for a 50 percent chance of rain.  Instead of ruining your glam look with a pair of pleathery looking galoshes, opt for a stylist, rain proof ankle bootie to complete your look.


Romper: Revolve Clothing

Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Bracelets: Free People

The Chelsea rain boot is the more sensible version of the ankle rain bootie.  This style doesn't have as much of an extravagant heel, allowing it to be perfect for the days where it's lightly misting or drizzling outside.  This boot can be paired with anything, but my favorite is a pair of ripped skinnies and a simple, airy tunic. 


Boots: J.Crew

Jeans: Zara

Sweater: ASOS, the Eco Edit


Even in April, the rain is a great excuse to pull your sweaters out from your bottom drawer and put them on again after the not-so-missed winter.  While your knit may be super comfortable, it's only practical if worn correctly so when the humidity is at 75%, you're not sweaty or sticky.  My personal sweater favorite for rainy days are holey sweater.  And by a holey sweater, I don't mean one that has been tattered because of carelessness, but one that is knitted with space.

Pairing your sweater with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans or even a pair of leggings is the best "April showers look."  Jazz up the ensemble by adding a statement necklace and a felted hat -- assuming the weather isn't too horrendous.