When I first started Brunette with a Budget I was infatuated with the concept of purchasing super cheap and trendy clothing.  That infatuation soon turned into disgust after I read and learned more about the harms of the fast fashion industry.  

The name, Brunette with a Budget stemmed from my luscious (in my personal opinion) dark, brunette locks and my love of finding a good steal.  As the years have gone on and I will soon be hitting my two and a half year anniversary, the connotation of my blog has changed drastically. While I'm still a fashion-obsessed brunette blogger, I am no longer a lover of cheap clothing but rather a lover of finding a good sustainable and ethical steal.  

When new readers approach my blog, I get the sense that they may think I'm a hypocrite with the title appearing to mean that I love cheap fashion.  But now, Brunette with a Budget stands for a dark haired fashionista with a passion for affordable sustainable and ethical fashion. 


You might remember a post that I did back in February titled, "The Best Fair-Trade and Sustainable Stores to Shop At."  When I was writing this post, I didn't think much about price point.  As I was reevaluating my blog with the consideration of changing it's name, I realized that affordable, sustainable and ethical fashion doesn't necessarily mean a five-dollar shirt, but rather a piece that is affordable enough so you don't make your wallet cry but are still getting great quality out of a piece  plus, there is no way I could have gotten rid of BWAB's.  

Below, is my updated list of both higher end and more affordable sustainable and ethical places to shop (yes, some of them are repeats from February's article, but there are also some new favorites): 


Reformation Clothing: $$$

The leading and probably most well-known sustainable clothing brand with pieces that are minimalistic and very city-chic.

* A link to their sustainable and ethical practices here


People Tree: $$

People Tree is a 100% fair trade and sustainable clothing brand, as made famous in the film, The True Cost.  The pieces have a modern twist on classic styles which are timeless and will last you a lifetime.


* A link to their sustainable and ethical practices here


Everlane: $$

I discovered Everlane from a post on Refinery29 back in June.  The article was highlighting minimalistic pieces, and back then, I was unaware of how great of a company Everlane is.  The pieces are sophisticated and chic and are perfect for any casual outfit.

* A link to their sustainable and ethical practices here


H&M Conscious: $

Most of you are probably familiar with H&M, but did you know about their sustainable line?  Probably not.  H&M carries a line of sustainable clothing at great prices.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you're also getting a bang for your buck  just make sure you stick with their sustainable line... not the others. 

* H&M, really?  Yes!  If you don't believe me, read more about them here


Gap Inc.: $-$$$

This is news to me, but Gap Inc. owns not only The Gap but also Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Intermix. Yes, Intermix. The sought after, high-end, designer-esque store with pieces we all longily look at.  All of the brands under this main masthead of Gap Inc. are sustainable and ethical and have prices in a variety of different ranges.

* The Gap?  Yes, girl! If you don't believe me, read more about them here



Threads for Thought: $-$$

After doing some research on ethical and sustainable brands that have a similar style to Urban Outfitters and Free People, I came across Threads for Thought.  A brand which specializes in bohemian and "hipster-esque" clothing. The pieces are affordable and made out of great quality. 

* Read about their ethical and sustainable practices here and here


Finding places to shop sustainably and ethically is only half of the challenge.  Putting together an outfit is the other half.  Below are two outfit ideas, one using the high end brands mentioned above and the other using the more affordable brands mentioned above.  Hopefully, you'll be more confident when purchasing these new pieces because you'll already have a look to create. 




TOP | People Tree

SKIRT | People Tree

SANDALS | Everlane

SUNNIES | Reformation



SHIRT | H&M Conscious

SHOES | Banana Republic

SKIRT | Threads for Thought