Maybe it's just me, but whenever I wear red, I can't wear white.  And when I wear blue, I can't wear red.  Similarly, when I wear orange I most certainly cannot wear blue in fear of looking like a football fan-girl (da Bears).  On Memorial Day, when it's essential to show your patriotism, it's common for people to unbox every single piece of U.S. paraphernalia that they own and attempt to attach them to their bodies in any way possible, 'Murica!! But this Memorial Day, instead of rolling up to your local parade and being misidentified as a flag, dressing practically but still spirited will allow you to continue celebrating the festivities, fashionably. 


While Miranda Priestly is faux-impressed with florals, I am similar with my thinking on white jeans.  But, nonetheless, if you must wear them, today is the day to do so.  The tricky part about white jeans is the fact that they are typically see-through.  Investing in a pair of white jeans that offer both undergarment coverage and a good fit is essential.  While saggy jeans have never been a good idea, neither has skin tight jeans. Thankfully, straight leg and boyfriend jeans are available wherever jeans are sold, and are the perfect types of pairs to own and wear.  The key to keeping your white jeans looking classy and not Klassy, is to be careful when you wear them; a stingy, yellow-looking pair is never cute. If Miss. Priestly wouldn't would wear it, than neither should you.

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Styling white jeans can be a little tricky.  Depending on the top and accessories you are wearing, you can come off as overly "preppy," overly "trying-too-hard," or overly "boho."  In order to get the perfect mix, especially on Memorial Day, it's important to experiment with textures, shades and styles in order to get the best of all worlds. Instead of incorporating a typical navy blue into your ensemble, the use of a denim blue will not only allow you to look spirited, but it won't look too try-hard.  Espadrilles are all the rage this summer and in a deep red, they will be perfect for everyday wear, especially on Memorial Day.  Since the jeans (shown above) are a bit cropped, the lace-up style on the shoes will stand out once wrapped around your upper ankle.  This entire look screams patriotism and you didn't even have to wear an American Flag pin to achieve it. 


JEANS | Banana Republic

TOP | Banana Republic



I'm a firm believer in monochromatic.  Sure, you may look like you're on your way to a funeral if you wear all black and sure, you may look like you're on your way to your rehearsal dinner if you wear all white, but who cares?  Dressing monochromatic is ideal when most will be decked out in every color of the rainbow, while you, on-the-other-hand, still want to look like you know what you're doing.  That's not to say that mixing colors is a bad thing, but on days where red, white and blue can be seen everywhere, try mixing up your look to stand out from the crowd. 

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Dressing in monochromatic blue is the ideal color for all skin tones.  Blue enhances your natural coloring, and if you have been blessed with blue or brown eyes, this look is 100% made for you.  A silky cami dress is perfect for the days where it's warmer outside and here in the Midwest, Memorial Day is typically very hot, so you can't go wrong with a flowy dress.  Lace-up flats and skinny scarves are not only very trendy, but the sparkles on the scarf will bedazzle your look and will add a spirited touch.  To finish off the ensemble, a patriotic clutch will add the right dosage of 'Murica without being over the top  plus you can carry a red lipstick inside to add another patriotic pop of color.


DRESS | Everlane

FLATS | Free People

SKINNY SCARF | Free People

CLUTCH | People Tree

LIPSTICK \ Finding Ferdinand

What will you be wearing this Memorial Day?  Let me know in the comments below!