As much as we wish our vacations would last the entire three months of summer, that's just not practical.  But, living life as if you're continuously at the beach is more than doable this time of year. From summer fashion to beauty essentials, three months of relaxation is only a click and a credit card away.


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Beachwear is all about flowy fabrics and fun prints.  Even though I say "yes" to the (billowy) dress year-round, summer is the perfect time to break these pieces out.  You can never go wrong with a tent-style dress or a kimono, which can be used as both a trendy swimsuit coverup or an added bonus to a simple dress.  If you're someone who is planning on hardly wearing actual clothing this summer, a funky swimsuit may just be the perfect match for you.



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OPEN-TOE BOOTIES | Anthropologie

PLATFORM SANDALS | Anthropologie




A beach day turns into a walk around town, which turn into a dinner with friends.  There's a shoe for every occasion this summer.  Metallic sandals are my personal favorite for a stroll on the beach, they add the perfect amount of flash without going over the top.  Espadrilles, on the other hand, are a comfortable and trendy way to amp up any sundress, while open-toe booties are the summery way to insert a boot into your night-out wardrobe.  Shoes!  Shoes everywhere!



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LASER-CUT TOTE | Anthropologie

ROSE GOLD SUNNIES | Anthropologie

BEACH TOWEL | Anthropologie




Going to the beach without a tote, towel and sunnies is practically a sin.  They're all necessities in ensuring your day at the beach doesn't go haywire.  Totes are a great choice for when you have to pack like a boy scout: AKA sunscreen, lunch, a water bottle and whatever else you include in your "beaching essentials." And while not all of us lay out in the sun, there's always a time when the day just calls for a good book to read, and during the sunny days a towel to lay on and a pair of sunnies to shield you eyes are most definitely a must.



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PERFUME | Anthropologie

SEA-SALT HAIR SPRAY | Anthropologie

CREAM BRONZER | Anthropologie





While not everyone includes makeup in their getting-ready-for-the-beach routine, sometimes it's good to pamper a bit beforehand especially if dinner plans are in the future.  A sweet smelling perfume is the perfect way to take away the fragrance of the beach (I don't know about you, but I despise the way that sand smells).  In order to keep your locks looking A+ worthy, a bit of sea salt spray is essential, especially if you decide to take a dip in the water during your day out.  And, if you're like me and layer up on the SPF on your face, a bit of travel-size bronzer is ideal for when you want to add a bit of color to your face.  The beauty-game couldn't be any stronger.

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