Traveling is a gift that I have been blessed with in my life.  Each summer, my parents take me and my two siblings to a new place to explore, learn and experience. This summer was no exception.  Onto Montreal we went in order to embark on a seven-day cruise through Canada and the East Coast.

After days in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Maine which included hiking, kayaking, biking and exploring the local town and cities we made our way to Boston, Massachusetts for our final destination. I immediately fell in love with the city's character, brick buildings and walkways and the overall architecture.  While there were similarities with Chicago it was also completely different.  

We explored the harbor which consisted of bars and your typical touristy shops but there, also resided a farmers market where jewelry designers and artists alike could share their work for purchase.  Then into the main downtown area we went. There, stores such as Banana Republic and others could be found.  Next was the more residential area which resembled Lincoln Park here in Chicago or even -- from what I've seen in movies and on T.V. -- San Francisco in California. The town was quaint but filled with action.

Our last stop was under a gorgeous walkway covered in vines and other greenery.  The perfect location for a few photographs, since I was really enjoying the outfit I had chosen for that day.  I wanted to play with patterns, shapes and lengths and incorporate it all into my outfit. What resulted was (in my opinion) a unique looking ensemble that was cohesive yet caused just the right amount of heads to turn.  Not only did I feel fashionable, but I felt comfortable in the outfit I had created and worn proudfully on the streets of Boston.


Top | Zara (similar)

Duster | Nordstrom (similar)

Joggers | M.A.N.G.O (similar)

Faux Leather Jacket | a.n.a (similar)

Booties | H&M Conscious (similar

Sunnies | DKNY (similar)

Purse | Kate Spade (similar)