Hipster.  Grunge.  Indie.  Three words that describe the cliche personal style of the students who attend my college.  Going to an art school it was clear that everyone was going to dress in an artsy manner, though my personal style had always been a little on the eccentric side — I was the Free People/Anthropologie gal — everyone else was the poster student for American Apparel and the sale section of Urban Outfitters.  While individual style is great, Columbia College Chicago's personal style didn't resonate with my own. 

My freshman year of college I struggled to get dressed in the morning.  If you read last year's post on "learning how to live a 'fashionably confident' life," you would know that I would change several times before deciding on an outfit to wear for the day.  

Was it because I didn't have enough clothes to wear?  No.  

Was it because I didn't know how to dress myself?  Absolutely not.  

Was it because I didn't feel confident in my personal style?  Yes.  

Once I changed into an outfit that resembled the other students rather than myself, I found that I wasn't only a carbon-copy of the art school hipsters (my individual style was hidden), but I also wasn't anywhere close to feeling confident in myself. 

Personal style is so much more than looking good, it's also about feeling good.  Trends become irrelevant once you start dressing for yourself and adorning your body in pieces that you love regardless of what other people think. This year I learned and found my personal style by forgetting the "rules," forgetting the trends, going on social media not to get inspiration but to appreciate and applaud other fashionista's individualize style.  I can proudly say that I LOVE wearing flowy pieces, I love wearing hints of glitter, I love wearing neutrals with a pop of blush pink, and I unashamedly love looking whimsical because that's the style I feel confident in.

Maybe you're stuck in a personal style rut.  My solution?  Try on all of your clothes and determine what makes you feel good and what pieces you would wear everyday if you could (and you can, trust me I do it too).  All of the others? Maybe you bought them because you felt pressured or wanted to "fit in," and those are the pieces that you should exile from your wardrobe because if they don't make you feel beautiful then why have them take up take up the space that pieces you love could be filling? 

Regardless, detoxing your wardrobe in order to be "fashionably confident" and fashionably you is the NEW #springcleaning.