Raise your hand if you love to shop. Now, raise your hand if you love to shop but also love to save money — I don't know about you, but I raised both of my hands for this one. As most of you know, I love going out and spending the day browsing at my favorite stores. But even more-so, I enjoy rainy days where I can relax at home with a cup of tea and browse the Internet for stylespiration. While I wish that I could purchase everything, the reality is I just can't afford the $500 total that winds up in my Free People and Anthropologie virtual shopping carts. 

Like most people prior to "checking out," I scavenge Google for promo codes and coupons to apply to my purchases. More likely than not, the promo codes that I find online are either fake or have expired, which is why I have fallen in love with the website TopCashback. This website allows you to shop at almost any online retailer (including The Outnet for all of you luxury babes, the URBN brands if you're obsessed like I am, and much much more!)

The process is so easy, and makes shopping online worthwhile without the hassle of trying to find promotion codes on sketchy websites.

step one

Go to TopCashback and make an account. After you sign up you'll be able to search for your favorite retailer that you want to shop 'till you drop at. The great thing about TCB is that every retailer you could imagine is on there — over 4,000 to be exact.  It's time to start saving!


Click the "GET CASHBACK" button, and you'll be redirected to your favorite retailer's website. Shop, and add items to your cart like normal. After you've added everything that you want to your, checkout like your normally would through the retailer's website. After completing your purchase, head back to TCB and watch the magic happen!


Once you return back to your TopCashback account, you'll notice that under the "Earnings" section it will tell you how much cashback you've received. With TCB, every member receives 100 percent commission for their purchases, so no matter how much money you spend you'll be getting 100 percent of the cash back percentages back.

After you go to your account, you can transfer any cash back money right to your Paypal or bank account, and there doesn't need to be a minimum amount in your account! TopCashback allows you to make money off of your purchases, so there's no longer a need to feel guilty after spending more than you had planned during an online shopping extravaganza. 

Overall, I spent about $50 at Target and Anthropologie on clothing and accessories. Thankfully with TopCashback I was able to save money that can be applied towards future purchases!


In the mood for a shopping spree? make sure to check out topcashback. it's easy, and you'll be saving money that could be used towards PURCHASES in the near future.


* This blog post is sponsored by TopCashback.

Thank you so much to Topcashback for working with me on this post! Like always, I only work with companies that I genuinely love. *

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