If you're someone who doesn't sweat a ton in the blazing heat or frigid cold you're either lying or incredibly lucky. Personally, I sweat like a pig in the summer and somehow find myself with drips of perspiration when I'm cold. While sweating is your body's natural way of cooling itself down and detoxing, it can be annoying and quite frankly gross. With so many deodorant and bathing products on the market it's hard to find ones that actually work without harming your body. Luckily, I have been around the natural hygiene block a few times and have found products that are affordable and work like magic.


whole love organics deodorant


I discovered Whole Love Organics at a local boutique in the city I'm from. I had been searching for a vegan and all natural deodorant for quite some time, as the aluminums in drugstore products are harmful to your body. But after years -- yes, years -- of searching around, the only deodorant that I found was using baking soda (this was actually my mom's idea). Sure, baking soda was all natural and obviously vegan, but it didn't help prevent musty odor or perspiration. When I stumbled upon Whole Love Organic's products, I fell in love. Their deodorants come in different flavors -- like vanilla orange, lavender, and tea tree -- and not only mask any unpleasant scents that may spark from your underarms, but the product also helps prevent unnecessary sweating.

Unlike your Dove or Secret deodorant, you will still sweat using Whole Love Organics' product. But this is normal, and you should Unlike your Dove or Secret deodorant, you will still sweat using Whole Love Organics' product. But this is normal, and sweating is a natural bodily occurrence -- embrace it! 

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dr. bronner's soap

They say that what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on the outside. For many years my dad has been using Dr. Bronner's, and I never quite knew what the hype was. But after trying Bronner's liquid soap for myself, I finally understood. The scent options for the soaps are vast, and I've bought more than one kind at a time for different occasions. Personally, I love a good peppermint scent for morning showers, as mint invigorates the body. For nighttime, I prefer a more subtle smell such as lavender or rose to relax myself before hitting the mattress. But not only does Dr. Bronner's offer a wide range of fragrances in different formulas (liquid soaps, bar soaps, and sugar soaps), but the brand allows you to give a sigh of relief because you don't have to worry about toxic ingredients. 

Unlike most brands of body washes that are full of synthetics and parabens, Dr. Bronner's chooses the highest quality ingredients for their products, like certified organic coconut, hemp, and jojoba oils. In addition to the high quality ingredients, all of Dr. Bronner's products are certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and fair trade. You'll not only smell amazing, but you'll feel amazing knowing what you're putting on your body (your largest organ!) is pure and clean.


alaffia good bar soap


This summer, during one of my infamous Whole Foods runs, my mom and I were walking the aisles and discovered Alaffia's Good Bar soaps. Though we stopped primarily for the five for five-dollar sale sign attached to the top of the product's display, we ended up purchasing the bars because of the luxurious scents and the minimal ingredient list. 

The soaps are filled with pronounceable ingredients such as fair trade coconut oil, certified palm kernel oil, water, and non-synthetic essential oils including lavender and rose. Your skin will not only feel silky smooth after using it, but you'll smell amazing in the most natural way possible!

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alba face cleanser


I could talk about Alba for days. If you've read some of my previous blog posts on my favorite skincare products, then you're probably already familiar with this brand. Alba is a vegan brand of "spa" products, and I have been using their face cleansers for years. Unlike other brands of face washes, Alba doesn't dry out your skin, and also isn't full of synthetic ingredients. Instead of creating even more problems for your skin, Alba removes any dirt and oil that is laying on the surface of your face and washes it all away! After just one time using this (this is not sponsored, I am just in love with this brand!!) face wash, your skin will feel silky smooth and free of any irritations. I think I've rambled enough about this product -- go get yourself some!

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urb apothecary charcoal face mask

Whenever a fair-trade, sustainably made store comes to my hometown I get really excited. When Peace in Downtown Naperville opened its doors two summers ago, I was thrilled! Not only does Peace carry Whole Love Organics (see above), but it also carries a ton of other natural and vegan products. 

One of my favorite face masks ever is from a brand carried at Peace called URB Apothecary. I received two of their face masks -- matcha and charcoal -- during the holidays last year from my sister and brother and they are amazing. Made from all natural ingredients, this product comes in a powder form and once combined with your liquid of choice (I love using apple cider vinegar because it really detoxes your skin, let me tell ya!) forms a paste. I typically leave this product on my skin for about five minutes once a week, and it's a miracle worker! My skin is left hydrated, even, and incredibly soft. If you have been on the hunt for a good face mask that ACTUALLY works, look no further -- URB Apothecary will be your new favorite.

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Which cleansing products will you be trying? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know which ones you fell in love with too!

with love & light, amanda