Easy At-Home Workout + Nourishing Post-Workout Eats

I am someone who hardly eats before a workout. I typically workout in the early morning, or right before a meal. In addition to not being hungry right when I wake up, I also fear getting sick while doing my workouts, and nothing irritates me more than having to stop mid-sweat sesh because of an upset stomach. But even though I don’t eat before my workouts, I always try to plan my workouts to be before a meal so that I can nourish my body afterwards to the best of my ability. In today’s post, I’m sharing with you my favorite at-home workout routines that will get your heart pumping and brow sweating. I’m also going to give you guys the inside scoop into my favorite vegan dishes to eat after a workout. Enjoy!


Tabata exercises are my favorite! Typical at-home workouts are boring and lack energy, but I love to keep my body moving throughout the duration of a workout. Plus, nothing gets me sweatier than a high intensity circuit workout that boosts your cardio and tones your muscles.

(In order to make the exercises easier to understand, I have incorporated some gifs into this post! If the gif freezes on you--don't fret, just reload the page and they will start moving again!)


the equipment

Dumbbells, ankle weights, yoga mat, bumpin’ tunes, and water

(If you don’t have Dumbbells, you can always use water bottles to improvise! And ankle weights are totally optional, but make the leg moves a lot more challenging!)


the moves: cardio

Do each move for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit 5 times with a 30 second break between sets.

1. Mountain climber burpees with a shoulder press

Climbers 2.gif

This move gets your heart rate up while toning your abs and arms

 2. Modified deadlifts

Deadlifts 2.gif

The ultimate thigh and booty-toning move! Use heavier dumbbells for this one.

 3. Superman plank

Superman Plank 2.gif

Make sure to bring your knees as close to your elbows as possible!. This really tones your obliques.

 4. Sumo squat with heel lift

Wide Squats 2.gif

This move tones your inner thighs while burning out your calves! Hellooooooo sexy legs!

 5. Skip!

Skipping 2.gif

You can do this with or without a jump rope! I do mine without

 30 second break. Repeat 5x.


the moves: toning

Complete each move for 12 reps. Repeat this circuit 4 times with a minute break between sets.

Abs + Arms

1. High plank shoulder taps

Shoulder Taps 2.gif

With your arms fully extended, lower yourself into a high plank. Keep your feet about hip-distance and touch your hands to the opposite shoulder in quick succession. 

2. Slow-paced mountain climbers
This move is just like your run-of-the-mill mountain climbers, only more challenging. Slow down the pace of your mountain climbers, and really focus on bringing your knee as close to your chest as possible!

3. Leg lift with hip raise

Leg Raise 2.gif

Lie flat on your back with your hands under your tailbone. Slowly raise your legs up (as straight as possible) and once they are fully extended in the air, lift your hips in the air by engaging your lower abs. 

4. Standing row to fly 

Tricep Extension 2.gif

One of my favorite moves for toning and burning out your triceps and back muscles. With a slight bend in your knees, lean forward with a flat back. With your elbows close to your ribs and holding light to medium-weight dumbbells (or water bottles!), slowly extend your forearms all the way back. Once back, raise your arms parallel to the floor to engage your back muscles. 

Legs + Booty

Complete each move for 12 reps. Repeat this circuit 4 times with a minute break between sets.

1. Narrow squats

Narrow Squat 2.gif

The narrow squat is such a simple move, yet very effective for toning your thighs and glutes. Standing with your legs hip-width apart, slowly lower down as if your sitting in a chair. As you stand back up, activate your glute muscles and squeeze at the top.

2. Donkey kicks

Donkey Kicks 2.gif

I love donkey kicks, and they're even more effective if you have ankle weights on. The premise of this move is to tone your hamstrings and your glutes. 

3. Ankle cross hamstring lift

Leg Kick Over 2.gif

This is another move that can be done with ankle weights. Similarly to donkey kicks, go into a tabletop position and have one leg extended. Lift the extended leg up and over, while crossing it behind your other leg. This move targets your outer thighs and glutes.  

4. Fire hydrants

Hydrants 2.gif

Yet, another move that can be done with ankle weights! I love this move because I really feel it in my hip flexors and outer abductors. If you struggle with this move, try doing it without ankle weights. 


my famous chocolate cauliflower rice pudding

This recipe is inspired by Christina Rice from Addicted to Lovely, and it's one of my favorites! I made a few changes to veganize it, and some additions to make it extra tasty!


all the greens detoxifying smoothie bowl

Even when the weather feels like a tundra, I crave a good smoothie bowl. This bowl is one of my favorites because it's loaded with so many healthy plants that provide antioxidants and polyphenols for your body. 


raw protein-packed "cereal" bowl

This recipe is great for everyone! If you're someone who loves cereal, but doesn't enjoy eating the starchy, sugar-filled boxed kind found on the shelves of grocery stores, then this is a great alternative.

Which workout and recipe are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below! If you end up trying any of my workouts or recipes, make sure to tag me in your posts on Instagram, @brunettewithabudget.

with love & light, amanda