How Healthy Fats Benefit Beauty

Some people are obsessed with candy, others with desserts. I, on the other hand, am obsessed with nut butter. Here's a little secret: I eat nut butter during two out of three meals a day. Along with meals, I also eat nut butters snacks— it is heavenly. While nut butters taste amazing, I also love them for cosmetic reasons, mainly what they do for my skin. Nut butter (and nuts in general) is a great healthy fat and promotes hydrated skin and shiny hair. The next time someone questions why you're eating your nut butter by the spoonful, just tell them your skin and hair wouldn't look as good otherwise.

I have tried many different brands of nut butter in both raw and roasted varieties. Almond butter and cashew butter are my favorites, and I have always been a promoter of raw butters. But for some reason, whenever I would eat my raw cashew butters, my stomach would hurt. I didn't know if it was because the jar was spoiled or if my stomach was overly sensitive to the cashews. In an attempt to not fully give up my cashew butter love affair, I decided that I would try a different brand. One day, after searching multiple grocery stores long and hard for an affordable raw cashew butter, my dad pointed out the jar of raw cashew butter from East Wind Nut Butters sitting on the shelf at Whole Foods. I decided to give it a try.

East Wind's nut butters are made by the East Wind Community—an income-sharing egalitarian community—based in the Missouri Ozarks. Unlike other companies that produce their butters off-site, East Wind makes their delicious nut butters in-house. Plus, they are GMO-free, organic, and many of them do not contain salt. So if you're looking for a tasty cashew, almond, or peanut butter, or a yummy jar of tahini, then you need to check out East Wind! And, if you're a new nut butter lover, keep reading to find out the top 3 ways that I like to incorporate nut butter into my daily eats (and find out how you can win jars for yourself!)



If you thought there was nothing better than dipping a fresh, crisp apple into peanut butter...then you were wrong. Even more delicious than peanut butter is a honeycrisp drizzled with cashew butter. Cashew butter is pretty much the same thing as eating cake frosting, but so much healthier for your body. East Wind offers two different types of cashew butters: roasted and raw. Unlike other raw cashew butters on the market (that use little to no heat on their cashews), East Wind roasts their nuts at the lowest temperature possible in order to ensure that that there is no bacteria contamination, but still at a low enough that the butter is considered raw. This is awesome, because my stomach never hurts after eating East Wind’s raw cashew butter! For both, you get delicious, creamy, sweet-tasting butters that pair great with apples, celery, and more!



I'm a sucker for dark chocolate. But even more so, I'm a sucker for dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter. What I love most about East Wind's peanut butters is that they are made without salt and without any added oils. Peanuts are salty on their own, so when processed into this creamy substance, it creates a delicious spread that is the perfect match when you want to dip a piece of dark chocolate.



Have you ever been so busy that you are left super hungry right before running out the door? Same. Sometimes, I don't have time to make a major snack, which is why I love sticking a spoon into any kind of nut butter and eating it straight-up! East Wind has the best butters for eating straight from the container because they're all incredibly flavorful and nutrient-dense.  My two favorite butters for scooping right from the jar are cashew and almond. These two butters are definitely on the sweeter side, so it tastes almost like you're eating a spoonful of frosting—what more could you ask for?



Okay, so now that you're hungry and craving a spoonful of cashew butter, I might as well give you the inside scoop on how eating nut butter can help making your skin glow and your hair shine. 

Eating essential fatty acids—like omega-3's and omega-6's—help your skin produce natural oils. These oils allow for your skin to look hydrated and refreshed. Plus, fatty acids also help prevent wrinkles so you'll have a plumper, more lively-looking complexion. There’s no need to layer on moisturizers and serums when you could be treating your skin easily (and deliciously) by incorporating more nut butters into your diet. As for your hair, did you know that peanuts contain a lot of natural vitamin B7—more commonly known at biotin? Well, they do! If you're familiar with those trendy blue gummy vitamins that all of the celebrities are using, then you would know that those vitamins are full of biotin! Biotin helps grow your hair long and strong, and instead of taking it in a supplement form, you can just eat peanuts. The best way to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need is to eat the real food that has them naturally, and peanuts (especially peanut butter) is a great food to eat to induce shiny, full, voluminous locks.

Now that I've convinced you to fall in love with nut butter just as much as I have, it's time to go buy a jar (or two, or three, or seven) for yourself! You can find East Wind's nut butters in stores, but you can also purchase them on their website here


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with love & light, amanda