Getting Ready for Warm Weather feat. Being

Raise your hand if the one thing your dread most about warm weather is having to shave your legs. Raise your hand again if you also dread the amount of sweat that floods out of your pores as the temperatures rise above 50 degrees. If you’re anything like me then the last time you shaved your legs was last September, and the only time you worried about sweating was during a workout or before giving a presentation—nervous sweating, it’s a thing!

While shaving your legs can be quite the hassle, and there’s no sure-fire way to prevent sweating, calling in reinforcements is not only necessary, but also practical. When I was shopping around Ulta the other day in search of products to help me combat my spring hygiene routine, I was drawn towards Being’s line of bright-colored, whimsical-printed, inviting spa products. You guys know that I have used their cruelty-free bath products in the past and absolutely loved them, so I decided that I would give them a try to see if they would help make my leg-shaving and sweat-preventing routine a little more bearable.

Instead of picking up a run-of-the-mill body butter or filled-with-toxins antiperspirant, I decided to try the brands body scrub and body mist.



For some reason, my knee caps have always been very dry and discolored, and I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve tried everything from rich lotions to natural coconut oils in order to solve the dryness. I was drawn towards Being’s body scrub because it not only smells delicious (I treated myself to the Salted Caramel & Macadamia scent) but it’s filled with little microbeads to rid your skin of any flakiness. Post-shaving, I decided that I would lather my legs with this scrub to see if it would work wonders on my knees. After putting a generous amount of product into my palms and gently massaging the cream into my skin I was pleasantly surprised when the dryness from my knee caps was gone—it was magic. The microbeads in the product essentially scrubbed away the dry skin, leaving my knee caps smooth and without discoloration. 



I have never been a hardcore perfume enthusiast. I wear a bit of roll-on fragrance every now-and-then, but I honestly prefer to just shower, put on deodorant and have no scent at all. But as the weather turns warmer, I have found that applying a bit of perfume or body mist is essential to smelling good even when I'm sweating up a storm. A few days this week, before a long day of classes and running around the city, I misted myself with Being's body mist in the Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom scent. This fragrance smells fresh and clean and isn't too overwhelming like some other body mists are. Immediately after applying, I noticed that I didn't smell crazy perfume-y, but I just smelled nice. As the day went on, the scent lasted—headache free, what more could you ask for?!


What are your go-to products as the weather turns warmer? What's your favorite fragrance for spring/summer? Let me know in the comments below!

with love & light, amanda