I think every fashionista dreams of attending New York Fashion Week at one point or another in their life. Ever since I became passionate about journalism I have wanted to attend The Shows. Some people want to venture to the East Coast in September merely to dress head-to-toe in Gucci this and Rebecca Minkoff that in hopes of having their picture taken by a street style photographer. I, on the other hand, have always wanted to attend to write and work.

Yes, this may seem odd. But unlike all of the other bloggers out there, I could care less if my picture is taken. New York Fashion Week is all about the newest designs and the latest trends; what's happening around the world and how it relates to fashion, and what better way to experience The Shows than by closely observing the runway and reporting on it?

This fashion week, I was lucky enough to attend several of the shows with my editor at FashionFiles, and it was a dream come true. But if you're someone that tunes into Instagram to and follows your favorite Instagrammers throughout the week, you're really only getting a taste of one side of the event. In reality, New York Fashion Week is a lot different than what you see on Snapchat and in Instagram Stories.

on outfit planning

The day starts off at 6 a.m., because apparently fashion is for the early birds. Since some shows start so early, it's essential to have your outfits planned the night before. This way, you're not frantically running around your hotel or Airbnb trying to put an outfit together. 

What I like to do is scroll through my Weather Channel app a few days prior. If you haven't noticed (or if you live somewhere where the weather is tame), it can be sunny one minute and raining the next. Looking into what the weather is going to be like helps prevent overpacking -- I highly recommend it.


my favorite apps to plan ahead with

on location

Unlike past NYFW seasons where The Shows were held exclusively at the Lincoln Center, this year designers and socialites alike gathered to Skylight Carlson Square and beyond. Yes, beyond. While the majority of The Shows were held on Washington Street, some designers decided to be extra-ordinary and hold their presentations and shows at third-party locations. While it was fun and all, running around Manhattan Island, I personally preferred the short "trek" of walking from one gallery to the next. 

NYFW tip no.2 | wear comfortable shoes

my favorite stylish, but comfortable, shoes

on sitting front row (and not)

Once you get to the venue of the show you're attending, it's every (wo)man for himself. Designer groupies, influencers, and photographers gather outside and try to fight their way to the front of the line -- not like it actually matters as everyone has an assigned seat -- but nonetheless, it's a madhouse. Thankfully, my editor was able to give me a press pass which allowed me to skip the line as a whole and enter the venue early-on. As a press attendee, you start by standing in the corner of the gallery while those who were invited take their seats. After about 5 minutes of people finding their spots, my editor would ask the show ushers if we could fill in the open seats -- and the answer would always be "yes."

The only negative of sitting front row is the inability to cross your legs. While this may not bother some people, I for one cross my legs doing everything -- I even criss-cross-applesauce my legs while studying. Since I wasn't allowed to cross my legs, I found that wearing a maxi dress gave me the ability to latch my ankles together discreetly -- you gotta do what you gotta do.

I was lucky to be able to experience my first fashion week sitting front row at the majority of shows I attended. Sitting front row allows interaction with the clothing; to get a closer look at the design and craftsmanship. While I sat front row at 90 percent of the shows, the remaining 10 percent I sat near the middle. But fear not, it's not horrible. The seats are arranged stadium-style, giving everyone a decent view. 


my favorite front row essentials for coverage & looking fab

Now that you've learned a thing or two about New York Fashion Week, try your hand at attending the shows. Are you a blogger or freelance journalist? Sign up to receive press passes! Maybe you're a student. Stalk all of your favorite brands, as they are most likely on the hunt for fashion week assistants! Regardless if you land a spot at a show (or several), keep these tips in mind -- they were my saving grace!

with love & light, amanda